Glass Rooms

glass roomsGLASS ROOMS

Create that all year outdoor space with bespoke Glass Rooms.

Made from steel reinforced powder coated aluminium, with a range of different doors to enable this space to be either fully enclosed or totally open.

Single or double glazed roof  options available with either clear or tinted glass, frameless or framed doors, sliding, folding or fixed panels! THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!

Our frameless, all glass doors enable you to have an unobstructed panoramic view of your garden. Providing unlimited time spent outdoors and ideal weather protection at all times.

Heating and lighting options available on all our glass rooms.

Luxury Glass Rooms

Create a balanced climate even on hot sunny days with our sliding roof system. Mounted at the highest point of the roof of your glass room, the sliding roof window transfers heat and used air outside.

Light bars, heating systems & roofs all opened with one easy to use remote control.

47 frame colours to choose from to give you total flexibility in creating your own outdoor space. We also have 8 high finish metallic or iron look finishes available.

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